Help and Support

I as a children and young people therapist offer help and support concerning mental problems for the whole family and the patient from infancy up to 21 years old.This help serves to recognize a mental illness, heal it, prevent it from getting worse or to alleviate the symptoms.  A mental disease could be a pathological disorder of perception, of experience processing, social relationships and bodily functions can be understood. Seeking this help at an early stage can often prevent serious mental or psychosomatic illnesses. In addition to standard care, culturally sensitive, mother-tongue psychotherapeutic care for patients with a migration background is also particularly close to my heart.

For successful Therapy are regular conversations with parents, affiliated and other related parties extremely necessary. This way we can work on relationship issues and create an supportive environment.

Work focus: Intercultural counselling and therapy with people of different ethnic or religious background.


with disorders of social behaviour – aggressive behaviour, lying, stealing,  school anxiety and avoidance
with emotional disorders , anxiety, depression, constraints, sibling rivalry
with learning and performance disorders in school in training or at work
with experiences of discrimination e. g. concerning disabilities, religion, skin-colour or migration background

During transitions into a new phase of life, such as from the parental home to kindergarten, to a children’s home, during a move, death or loss of a caregiver. With acute or chronic pressure situation disease, physical violence, mental illness of one or both parents with psychosomatic disorders, stomach and head pains, wetting the bed, eating disorders with commitment issues, emotional neglect and contact difficulties Navigating further offers of support.